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About Our Age Groups


Our Junior classes are designed to introduce young children to the world of performing arts in a fun and age appropriate way.  These classes focus on nurturing creativity, self expression, and a love for music and theatre. 

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Our 7 - 10 yrs classes are tailored to the needs and interests of young children who are eager to explore the world of performing arts.  Classes are designed to be fun, educational and age appropriate.


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Senior classes are typically more advanced and structured.  They cater to the growing skills and interests of students who have a passion for musical theatre. 

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Our advanced dance & tech class is all about improving your dance styles and technique.  Challenging dancers to futher refine their skills, expand their repertoire, and explore more complex choreography. 

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Our tap and ballet classes are designed to introduce these young learners to the fundamentals of dance in a fun and age-appropriate manner.  Classes provide a foundation in both tap and ballet techniques while fostering creativity and a love for dance.



Our full scale productions provide valuable opportunities for students to showcase their skills and hard work, while also building confidence and stage experience.  We take to the stage twice a year with our summer show and towards the end of the year, we perform our very popular annual pantomime. 

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